Chairperson PresidentPat Kenny pkenny@vi.fontana.wi.gov
CitizenJim Feeney
TrusteeTom Marektmarek@vi.fontana.wi.gov
CitizenMike Sheyker 
CitizenBob Klockars 
CitizenTom Freytag 
TrusteeRob Rowerrowe@vi.fontana.wi.gov


The finance committee shall:

  1. Formulate the village budget.
  2. Certify that all expenditures fall within the budget.
  3. Control current expenditures and available money.
  4. Proceed in compliance with article V of the village municipal code.
  5. Direct and coordinate the maintenance and repairs of the village hall/library complex.
  6. Approve, by the chairman, all village vouchers prior to payment.


Membership shall consist of one trustee and not more than six nonvillage board members, at least three of whom must be citizens of the village. The village president shall appoint members and the chairman. The village president shall appoint the nonvillage board members of each committee, subject to confirmation by the village board. The term for each member of each village board committee shall be one year and until appointment and qualification of a successor. The village president may remove any member of any village board committee.


Please refer to the Village Meeting Calendar to see upcoming meetings.

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