The following ordinances apply to the use of alarm systems in the Village of Fontana:

Sec. 42-49 Alarms.

  • (a) Registration of fire and security alarms. The owner of any fire alarm or security alarm system installed in any building or structure shall register the fire or security system with the Police Department.  New fire alarm or security alarm systems shall be registered within 30 days of installation.  The Fontana Building Inspector shall give to all who apply for a building or remodeling permit a copy of this ordinance 4-3-00-1.
  • (b) Proper maintenance required. The owner of a fire, security or medical alarm system shall at all times keep and maintain the system in good working order to prevent false activation of the alarm system.  For each activation of a fire alarm, security or medical alarm not caused by fire, smoke or security breach and/or determined to be a false alarm, in excess of two times per 12-month period, the owner of the alarm system, or his agent, shall forfeit a sum as set forth by the Village Board.  Violations of the false alarms shall be tracked on fire department, police and rescue squad monthly reports.  Violations of this section shall be cited by the Police Department.  (Code 1989 SS 15.056: Ord. 4-3-00-1 SS2, 4-3-00; Ord. 2-2-04-3, 1, 2-2-2004)

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Sec. 34-43. – Rapid entry system.
  • (a) Rapid entry key boxes required. The Village of Fontana elects to require the use of rapid entry lock box devices and associated equipment as recommended by the Village of Fontana Fire Department and currently in use by the fire department, for all commercial, industrial and residential buildings that have a fire sprinkler system and/or alarm systems with annunciator panel or dedicated monitoring service.
  • (b) Rapid entry key boxes recommended. The village recommends use of rapid entry lock box devices and associated equipment as described in subsection (a) above, in the following types of buildings; where building owners elect to provide such rapid entry lock box devices to facilitate access by the fire department, such devices and associated equipment shall be of the type currently in use by the fire department:
    • (1) In all commercial and/or industrial buildings other than those described in subsection (a) above.
    • (2) In all multifamily residential structures containing three or more living units, other than those described in subsection (a) above, that have restricted access through locked doors and have a common corridor for access to the living units or mechanical rooms.
    • (3) In any other building where lack of access may result in loss of life or significant property or environmental damage, based on factors including, but not limited to, fire load, occupant load, exposures, building construction, age of building, and storage or use of hazardous materials. (Single and two-family dwellings are exempt from this requirement unless they have a monitored alarm system or sprinkler system.)
  • (c) Location. The key box shall be installed in an accessible location approved by the fire department. The key box shall be mounted not less than five feet, or more than seven feet, above ground level immediately to the street side address of the structure.
  • (d) Contents. The key box shall contain keys for the following:
    • (1) Locked points of ingress and egress whether on the interior or exterior of such buildings.
    • (2) Any locked mechanical equipment rooms.
    • (3) Any locked electrical rooms.
    • (4) Any locked elevator controls.
    • (5) Any alarm control room/panel.
    • (6) Any other areas as required by the fire department.
  • (e) Penalty. Any person who violates any part of this section shall upon conviction forfeit not less than $200.00, along with prosecution costs and state mandated costs/surcharges to the extent allowed by law.

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