Trustee Chairman Stanton Livingstonslivingston@vi.fontana.wi.gov 
Treasurer/Plan Commission Rep.Sarah Lobdell
CitizenZina O'Callaghan
CitizenRobin Nuzzo 
CitizenCathy Somers
CitizenMary Green
CitizenSusan Olson 


  1. The park commission shall be advisory only.
  2. The primary duty of the commission is the planning of recreation, open space, park, lakefront and beach areas. The commission shall study and recommend changes and improvements concerning the structure, location, form and use of all present and future parks and recreation areas.
  3. The commission shall submit an annual report of activities and budget to the village board and other reports and recommendations as needed.One park commission citizen member shall be a voting member of the plan commission.
  4. The chairperson shall monitor incoming correspondence at the village hall.
  5. The village board shall exercise all powers and duties not specifically granted to the park commission in section 2-341.


The park commission shall consist of seven members, four of whom shall be citizens of the village, each appointed by the president, subject to confirmation by the village board. The term for each member shall be two years.

No member of the park commission shall be compensated for services but may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on commission activity, as the village board may approve.

The village board shall appoint one trustee as chairman, and the park commission shall appoint one member as vice-chairman, and one member as secretary/treasurer.

Four voting members of the park commission shall constitute a quorum. Action shall be by a majority of those present and voting. The commission shall adopt rules of procedure for governing the conduct of its meetings.


Regular meetings of the park commission shall be held at such regular monthly meeting dates as the commission may establish. The time and place of the meetings, as well as the manner of calling special meetings, shall be specified in the rules of procedure adopted by the commission. All such meetings shall comply with the provisions of the Wisconsin Open Meeting and Records Law.

The park commission meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Please see the Village Meeting Calendar for a complete listing of meetings.

Agendas & Meetings

Reserving Village Parks

Any person or association wishing to utilize the village parks for special events shall, at least 30 days prior to the time of the special event, complete an application to the park commission for such use. Upon receipt of such application, the park commission shall review the application, investigate the intended use and make its recommendation to the village board. Thereafter, and within a reasonable time after receipt of such recommendation from the park commission, the village board shall act on the application and either approve or disapprove a permit for such special event, specifying the reasons for the action.