ChairmanArvid Petersenapetersen@vi.fontana.wi.gov  
CitizenBob Ahern
Park Rep.Sarah Lobdell
Citizen/TrusteeRick Pappasrpappas@vi.fontana.wi.gov  
CitizenLisa Laing
CitizenCindy Wilson
CitizenTara Ramljak


The plan commission shall have the powers and duties prescribed in §62.23, Wis. Stats., and such other powers and duties as shall be vested in it by the village board. The plan commission also serves as the Village of Fontana Architectural Control Board.


The plan commission shall consist of seven voting members. At least three members of the plan commission shall be citizen members who are not village officials. In addition, the village engineer shall be a non-voting member.

All members of the plan commission shall be appointed to three-year terms by the village president, subject to confirmation by the village board. Appointment shall be made during the month of April for terms that expire in April or at any other time if a vacancy occurs during the middle of a term.

Organization Of Commission

The village president shall choose the presiding officer for the plan commission. In the absence of said presiding officer, the plan commission may select an acting presiding officer. The village clerk shall serve as secretary. All members of the plan commission shall serve as such without compensation.


The plan commission meets regularly on the last Monday of every month. Please see the Village Meeting Calendar for a complete listing of meetings.

Minutes & Agendas